A 21st century lifestyle involves long periods of time in static positions, whether that be sat at a computer, behind the wheel of a car, or simply in front of the television. Given that the human body functions best when it is mobile, it is not surprising that these static postures result in symptoms of stiffening up, and chronic strain being placed an certain parts of the body.

The chiropractor's role

The chiropractors at The Parker Clinic are well placed to mobilise the stiff areas and treat those tissues under excessive strain. However, due to their understanding of the ergonomics involved, they are also able to give sound advice as to how to reduce these stresses and strains, and therefore lessen the likelihood of recurrences.

Too much or too little ?

Although ergonomics is usually associated with sedentary activities, the same principles are involved when assessing any occupation, hobby or lifestyle. Repetitive activities are often as much of a problem as static ones, and being able to analyse what is going on in the body is vital skill that the chiropractors have in order to be able to appropriately diagnose, treat and prevent a large range of everyday problems.

Preventative medicine

The body is able to tolerate an enormous amount of strain. But, if it goes on for long enough, there will come a point when it can no longer cope. Symptoms are usually the result.

An Ergonomic Assessment is therefore true Preventative Medicine. So whether it is how you lift baby, sit at you computer, adjust you car seat, or even dig the garden, ask one of the chiropractors for advice.