Coronavirus (COVID19) Update for Patients

As a result of the release of the Government’s Recovery Strategy on 11th May, we have been advised by our governing body that we may resume treatment for patients who need urgent care.  Patients who have not been able to cope without their usual adjustments are now welcome to phone the clinic (0117 9245842) and talk to one of our chiropractors.  Or alternatively email us at  You will be screened by a chiropractor to ensure that face-to-face care is the best option for you.  

We have carried out a thorough risk assessment and have made some important temporary changes to ensure your safety and our chiropractors' safety is paramount.  These include:

  • ethically sourced PPE for our chiropractors
  • changing our diary system and waiting facilities so that social distancing can be maintained until the actual hands-on care is initiated
  • cleaning touch points/surfaces between patients
  • managing without our lovely reception team
  • encouraging contactless payments

We will continue to offer our Telehealth services which include diagnosis and advice over the phone and through virtual web-based consultations.  These have been very popular and will continue to be our first choice of care, unless your particular needs cannot be met in this way.  We are always at the end of the phone and are very happy to continue to support you with our help and advice.

Katriona and Simon 

Clinic Directors