Initial Consultation * £57
This appointment is necessary for all new patients and comprises a comprehensive case history and clinical examination. The aim is to establish a diagnosis and the requirements of any treatment. Treatment itself is not normally given on this occasion.

Treatment * £47
All treatment that is deemed appropriate by the chiropractor is provided during these sessions. Information will also be given about any exercises, if necessary, and advice regarding ergonomic considerations. All correspondence with a patient's GP, Specialist or Employer is also included within this fee.

Treatment (Junior) * £37
A reduced treatment fee for those aged 4-16.

Treatment (Infant) * £47
For infants aged 0-3 years, this reflects the complexity of the treatment that a baby requires.

Re-Examination * £47
This extended appointment is for registered patients who have not attended the clinic within the previous 12 months, or those who present with a new condition.

Massage £35 - £50
A 60 minute massage appointment is charged at £50. The fee for a 30 minute session is £35.

Physiotherapy £47 - 57
An initial consultation with our resident physiotherapist is charged at £55.  This comprises a comprehensive examination including movement analysis and structured rehabilitative advice.  Subsequent follow-up appointments are £45.

Acupuncture £55 - £60
The first consultation with the acupuncturist, which involves the taking of a case history and having a treatment, is £60. The fee for subsequent appointments are £55.

* Chiropractic treatment is covered by the majority of private medical insurance policies. Many have excesses, limits of cover, or specific referral policies and patients are advised to check the details of their policy. Where appropriate cover is available, the clinic can invoice the insurance company direct.