“The Parker Clinic are always so warm and accommodating, hugely flexible in fitting in last minute appointments or unforeseen changes with the children. The kids genuinely enjoy having a treatment and I can’t thank the team enough, especially in treating our youngest since birth, and spotting a spinal curvature which has since been resolved. “
“I love coming to the Parker Clinic – it is like meeting up with old friends! I have been having chiropractic with them on and off for over 8 years now for various reasons – stiff jaw (not caused by being a chatterbox!), low back pain, frozen shoulder, migraine headaches etc. Each member of staff is professional and has a great wealth of knowledge. I am amazed that they seem able to pin point just the spot that hurts and know how to help. As a nurse, I know that the body is wonderfully designed to heal itself, but it often needs a helping hand - a bit of support along the way. The team are always keen to give exercises that will complement the therapy they are giving and are happy to let you know when you no longer need to come. As I approach my 60’s I have decided to be seen every 2 months or so, just to keep things ticking over and address any problems while they are still small – I see it as a form of health insurance. I often recommend them to friends because I trust them completely and know that if they aren’t able to help they will be honest and say so.”
“My son and I have been regular visitors at Parker clinic for over 10 years. The staff are always very welcoming, and the chiropractic treatment is excellent. My back can never be fixed but my regular chiropractic treatments mean that I remain mobile and able to continue doing sport and have not been bed bound by back pain since 2009! They also have a brilliant manner with children and my son is very happy to go and be adjusted”
“The Parker Clinic has been an amazing support to me and my family. All the chiropractors at the clinic have helped me and my 3 sporty girls with their injuries over the years.
We are truly thankful to them and we wholeheartedly recommend them! Everyone should have some sessions and truly realise what a great impact these will have on their general health”
“I have been treated regularly at the Parker Clinic for a number of years and, as a result, have remained supple and pain free which has meant I have been able to continue to lead a very active life and never missed a day’s work due to musculoskeletal issues.”
“The treatment I received at the Parker Clinic after a serious accident, breaking a vertebrae and consequently having my spine pinned has been integral to my recovery. I felt immediate relief after the first session and each subsequent treatment. Each time there was noticeable improvement in my movement and flexibility.”